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Getting Started
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Getting Started

  1. Add a gift
  2. Add a person
  3. Track spending
  4. Unassigned gifts
  5. Gift list

Add a gift

To get started with Gift List, simply type a gift name at the bottom of the screen and touch the add button. Or touch the scan button instead to start the barcode scanner.

To enter more details, touch the add button and enter the following:

Gift name Name of the gift
Occasion Pick from a set of icons for different occasions (eg. Christmas, birthday, etc)
Bought Check this box if the gift is already purchased
Cost How much the gift cost
For Who the gift is for. You can pick from your existing contact list, type a name using the keyboard, or leave this field empty.
Photo Take a photo using your camera, or select from existing photos
Notes Add any other notes here

Touch 'Save' to add the gift to your list.

Add a person

To add a person without a gift, touch the add person button at the top of the screen. Gift List works with your existing contacts, so you don't have to spend time adding people to your phone all over again.

If you want to add someone who is not in your address book, simply hit the back button on your phone after the contact list appears. Then type a name using the keyboard instead.

Track spending

The main screen shows all people on your gift list. The column on the right shows the total amount spent on each person.

At the bottom of the screen is the Spending total for everyone on your list.

Unassigned gifts

With Gift List, you can add a gift to your list even if you don't know who it is for yet. These appear right at the bottom of the list as 'Anyone'.

Gift list

To see the list of gifts for each person, touch that person's name on the main screen.

To see everything, open the menu at the top left of the screen and choose 'All gifts'.

The cost is shown for each gift, with a summary at the bottom.

As you buy each gift on your list, tick the checkbox to mark it as purchased.

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