Gift List


  1. Barcode scanner
  2. History view
  3. Remove a gift
  4. Remove a person
  5. Multiple recipients
  6. Sorting
  7. Send by SMS or email
  8. Change currency
  9. Set a password (paid version only)
  10. Backup and restore

Barcode scanner

When shopping, the simplest way to add a gift is scanning a barcode. Gift List retrieves product information from the web simply by using your phone's camera.

Touch the scan button at the bottom of the screen. Point your phone at the barcode so that it appears on the red line. You will hear a beep when the barcode is recognized.

History view

Gift List can remember what you gave last year. Hold down your finger on a gift, choose 'Give' and enter the date. The gift will be hidden and moved to history.

To view old gifts on any list, press the menu button and choose 'History'. Old gifts are displayed with a line through the name.

Remove a gift

Before deleting a gift, consider moving it to history instead.

To delete a gift from any list, hold down your finger on the item and choose 'Delete'.

Remove a person

To remove a person from the main screen, hold down your finger on the person's name and choose 'Remove'.

This will remove the person from your gift list. It does not affect your phone contacts. You can add the person back again any time.

If the person has gifts assigned, you can choose to delete the gifts or keep them. If you keep them, they will be moved to the 'Anyone' list.

Multiple recipients

Gift List supports sharing a single gift between multiple people. On the edit screen, touch the green plus button to add more people. To remove people, touch the red minus button.

The cost of a shared gift is split between recipients. For example, if a $50 gift is shared between 2 people, $25 is shown next to each person.


By default, all gifts are sorted by name. To change the display order, press the menu button and choose 'Sort order'.

Send by SMS or email

You can share your gift list by SMS, email, or any other method supported by your phone.

From the gift list screen, press the menu button in the top right corner and choose 'Send'.

You can share the current screen only, or the entire list.

Change currency

To change the currency, choose 'Settings' from the main menu. Select 'Currency' and pick your currency from the list.

Set a password (paid version only)

Sometimes the temptation to find out what someone is getting you can be overwhelming! With a one-off paid upgrade, Gift List can set a password to prevent prying eyes from reading your gift list.

To set a password, choose 'Settings' from the main menu, then 'Password'. You will be prompted for it next time you start Gift List.

Warning - make sure the password is something you can remember. If you forget it, you will need to re-install Gift List and all data may be lost!

To clear a password that was set previously, clear the text from this field.

Note - always use the back button on your phone to exit the app fully. If you simply press the home button instead, you may not be password protected.

Backup and restore

When switching to a new phone, you can save a copy of the gift list to your SD card or phone storage. Choose 'Import/Export' from the main menu and select 'Export to storage'.

Take note of the file name shown on the screen - you may need it later.

You can make as many backups as you like. Files are saved in a folder named 'GiftPony' on your SD card or phone storage.

Connect to a computer using a USB cable and copy the 'GiftPony' folder off your phone.

Re-install Gift List on your new phone and copy the 'GiftPony' folder back off the computer onto your phone.

Choose 'Import/Export' from the main menu and select 'Import from storage'. Pick your file from the list and touch 'OK' to start the import.

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